Trevor Noah: ‘He Proved Everyone Wrong’ With The Summit… I’m Talking About Kim Jong Un

Trevor Noah kicked off his show Tuesday night by giving praise to a leader who many doubted ahead of the Singapore summit.

“What a historic day. North Korea and the United States meeting for the first time ever,” Noah began. “We’ve all got to admit that we were wrong, alright? We said the man couldn’t do it. We said his temper would blow up the summit. But yesterday, he proved everyone wrong and turned the nuclear summit in Singapore into a huge win for himself. So let’s swallow our pride and give it up for a leader who’s much smarter than we thought… Kim Jong Un everybody!”

The Daily Show host said that “Little Kim” crushed it and the summit “belonged to him” and that he was the “bell of the ball.”

Meanwhile, Noah wasn’t as kind to “Kim’s biggest admirer” and “fanboy #1,” President Trump, saying he was the only one who “lost his nuts” during the summit.

“Donald Trump flew across the world to Singapore and all he got was Kim Jong Un saying ‘I’ll think about giving up my nukes.’ That’s all he got,” Noah continued. “They could have done that over text! Because you do realize Kim didn’t commit to anything. He basically Facebook RSVPed to a nuclear deal.”

Noah also mocked Trump for his praise for the dictator.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have negotiated with Kim Jong Un at all. But there’s a big gap between being civil and endorsing the Freddy Krueger of human rights.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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