Trey Gowdy Says ‘Public Hearings Are a Circus’ After Strzok Hearing: ‘It’s a Freak Show’


Congressman Trey Gowdy was one of many Republicans who grilled FBI agent Peter Strzok during last week’s public hearing, but he conceded today that the private hearing was far more constructive.

Gowdy confronted Strzok about his bias getting in the way of his judgment, something Strzok vociferously denied.

On Face the Nation this morning, Gowdy told Margaret Brennan he exhibited clear bias against President Trump, saying that “I think there are four or five other unidentified Bureau and Department agents and employees who also had bias.”

When Brennan asked if the Strzok hearing is being used as a way to conflate a few FBI agents with the entire agency, Gowdy said this:

“Well, our private hearing was much more constructive than the public hearing. I mean, public hearings are a circus, Margaret, I mean, that’s why I don’t like to do them. I don’t do many of them. I mean, it’s a freak show. I mean, the private interviews are much more constructive.”

And even though he said at the top of the interview he doesn’t agree with the “witch hunt” characterization, he said it’s easy to understand why Trump might think people are out to get him.

But, Gowdy added, “What I would tell the President is no American has been indicted for conspiring to hack the DNC but Russia did attack us so focus on the first prong on that motor jurisdiction. Let the second prong play out. But so far the with whom if anyone did they do it we we’ve got a big zero with respect to Americans.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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