Trump Defends Ban on Muslims: No Different From How FDR Treated Japanese

vlcsnap-2015-12-08-08h59m06s615In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning AmericaDonald Trump defended his proposed ban on any Muslims entering the country by saying it was no different from how Franklin Delano Roosevelt treated Japanese-Americans during WWII.

Trump pushed back against criticism from Muslim advocacy groups like CAIR: “What I’m doing is no different than FDR’s solution for German, Italian, Japanese, you know–”

“So you’re for internment camps?” asked a stunned George Stephanopoulos.

“This was a president highly respected by all, he did the same thing,” Trump continued. “If you look at what he was doing, it was far worse.”

“I’ve got to press you on that, sir,” Stephanopoulos said. “You’re praising FDR there. I take it you’re praising the setting up of internment camps for Japanese in World War 2?”

“No, I’m not,” Trump insisted. “Take a look at Presidential Proclamations 2525, 2526 and 2527, having to do with alien German, alien Italian, alien Japanese.”

“They stripped them of their naturalization proceedings. They went through a whole list of things; they couldn’t go five miles from their homes. They weren’t allowed to use radios, flashlights. I mean, you know, take a look at what FDR did many years ago and he’s one of the most highly respected presidents…” he concluded.

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