Trump Spox: President Can’t Even Suggest a Congressman is Burning in Hell Without the Media ‘Parsing’ Him

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley defended President Donald Trump’s attack on deceased Michigan Democratic Congressman John Dingell by saying people are trying to “parse” Trump’s clear remarks about Dingell potentially burning in Hell, and even seemed to accuse Dingell’s widow of “hypocrisy.”

Gidley appeared on Thursday’s edition of Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner, where host Harris Faulkner asked him about Trump’s remarks at Wednesday night’s rally in Battle Creek, Michigan.

During a bitter screed about Dingell’s widow, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Trump suggested that the late congressman may be “looking up” from Hell, rather than down from Heaven. Trump was aggrieved that after he conferred customary memorial honors to Dingell upon his death, his widow supported articles of impeachment against Trump.

After ignoring the remarks for most of the morning, Fox News interviewed Rep. Dingell at around 10:30, before they’d even reported on the incident. Faulkner played part of Trump’s remarks, as well as a heart-wrenching portion of Dingell’s interview, for Gidley.

During the course of their interview, Faulkner brought up what she said was a “critical issue today,” and matter-of-factly introduced the clips by telling Gidley “The president suggesting that the late Michigan Representative John Dingell was looking up from Hell, and his widow reacted today. Watch.”

What followed were clips of Trump’s remarks, followed by Rep. Dingell telling Bill Hemmer “He was my partner and the love of my life, and so I was already having a hard time with this holiday, and the comment that he made was just, it made me sad, but I’m going to keep doing my job.”

Faulkner then informed Gidley that a GOP congressman had told Fox News that Trump’s comments “could cost him the state of Michigan,” and asked “Why is that kind of a comment useful or necessary at a rally?”

“Well, listen, your heart goes out to Congresswoman Dingell and the loss she experienced,” Gidley said, and sought credit for Trump’s condolences after Dingell’s passing.

“In fact, the president has great respect for the service in World War II, for his longest-serving term, obviously, in Congress, and for Congresswoman Dingell as well,” Gidley claimed of the man Trump had said might be burning in Hell, and his widow.

“It’s just always an interesting situation here in D.C., no matter what the president says, people are going to parse it apart, try and tear it apart and focus on the most negative aspects of it,” Gidley said, likely referring to the burning in Hell comment that Faulkner had brought up seconds earlier.

“But let’s be clear, so many of these Democrats and the hypocrisy in this town is staggering,” Gidley said.

“When they come over here and try to have conversations with the president, work with the president, come to successful conclusions on bills, on executive orders, and then they turn around and slap him in the face, you know, it’s just a tough thing,” Gidley continued, roughly describing Trump’s stated grievance with Dingell’s widow, and added that “it’s understandable that someone’s frustrated about the fact you have 93% negative news coverage against you even though you’ve had so many successes on behalf of the American people.”

Faulkner soberly noted “It’s just, you know, it was hurtful, you could see it in the congresswoman’s face, her first holiday season without her husband,” then thanked Gidley for his time.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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