Trump Surrogate on CNN Says Shutdown May Last Until State of the Union: POTUS Can Make His Case ‘Directly’


During a panel discussion on CNN Thursday night, Trump pal and surrogate Rob Astorino hinted that the shutdown may last until Trump can take his case directly to the people at the State of the Union.

“There’s no urgency right now because there is no urgency,” the Trump surrogate said during a discussion about just how long it may be before the government goes back to work and workers get paid. “People are on vacation. The government workers, they’re going.”

Then after saying he feels bad that government workers aren’t getting their paychecks right now, he stressed: “They will get their paycheck. By the way, the president, the Senate, the House, they don’t work for the government workers. They work for 320 million people in the United States.”

The Trump surrogate then suggested that the shutdown might not be resolved for weeks, or at least until Trump’s State of the Union on January 22, “because then the president can speak directly to everybody and say, this is why it’s important.”

“You think he wants it to go past that date?” CNN host Kate Bolduan followed up.

Instead of answering directly Astorino pivoted to Democrats saying they are not “going to give anything” to help end shutdown.

CNN political analyst Joan Walsh, though, was not impressed with the Trump surrogates’ attitude while workers are going sans pay.

“First of all, Rob, my friend, you’re being awfully cavalier about government workers who are actually showing up to work. I have a friend in the last shutdown who was not paid for six months,” she told him.

Then, after Astorino tried to counter that the workers did get their money back eventually, Walsh snapped back, “They did get their money back. But a lot of people don’t live with six months of savings so they can pay their bills, take their kids to the doctor. This is a big deal for a lot of people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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