Tucker Carlson and Fox News Doc Speculate on Kim Jong Un’s Health Problems After Trump Tweets Kim ‘Very Healthy’


Tucker Carlson was with President Donald Trump during this weekend’s historic meeting at the DMZ, and Carlson returned to his show tonight with a number of takeaways about Kim Jong-un––and his health.

Carlson said Sunday that he heard the North Korean dictator “wheezing.” He elaborated Monday that he was “breathing heavily and sweating after walking just a few yards… he’s obviously overweight.”

“But does this suggest serious health concerns that will affect… international diplomacy?” he asked.

Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel joined Carlson Monday night and talked about issues that would arise from Kim Jong-un’s obesity, as well as him being “a heavy smoker.”

“If he’s audibly wheezing,” he said, “that implies either asthma or emphysema. Again, I don’t know any of this for sure, but… even in his 30s, if he’s chain-smoking as long as he apparently has, he could have early emphysema. And on top of the obesity problem, he could be wheezing.”

He also raised the question of what Kim Jong-un could be taking, “all of which of course could impact how long he can stay in power and how long he stays healthy.”

Carlson acknowledged there’s a lot the world just does not know about Kim Jong-un.

Earlier tonight the president tweeted that Kim “looked really well and very healthy”:

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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