Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld Have Insult-Riddled Debate Over CNN’s ‘Dumbest’ Anchor: ‘That Guy Is Every Bit As Stupid As He Seems’


Tucker Carlson made a guest appearance on Gutfeld! on Wednesday night to debate the eponymous host on the question of which CNN host is the “dumbest.”

Greg Gutfeld said he thinks Don Lemon qualifies for that ignominious distinction, while Carlson maintained that it’s Chris Cuomo. On his show on Tuesday, Carlson dubbed Cuomo “the single dumbest person ever to perform on cable news.” The Fox News host added, “He makes Don Lemon look like a particle physicist.”

As he always does when mentioning Lemon, Carlson intentionally mispronounced his name as “LAH-mon.”

During their discussion, Gutfeld argued, “So I contend that while Cuomo makes dumber decisions than Lemon, Lemon is just naturally slower. Cuomo is more of a performer where Lemon just speaks his mind, which explains his stupidity.”

“I agreed with you for many years, Carlson replied. “I thought that Chris Cuomo was putting on an act.”

The Fox News host proceeded to highlight his past employment at CNN, saying,

I used to work at CNN. I know people there. I pay attention. That guy is every bit as stupid as he seems. He went to Yale Law School – his dad was the governor of New York at the time – and he doesn’t know what’s in the First Amendment. He has zero sense of humor, which is always a tell. But here is the absolute settling factor. He speaks only in cliches. If you listen carefully to Chris Cuomo, you will find not a single phrase that you can’t instantly get on Instagram. All of it. So, dumb people speaking cliches.

Don LAH-mon by contrast, not a genius, but he gets the joke. Like he sort of knows “I’m a guy with no skills. I was a local news anchor in Atlanta, and look where I am now.” He finds the whole thing hilarious.

Gutfeld said both Cuomo and Lemon lack the ability to feel embarrassment, stating, “They go out there, they deliver the same tripe every day, but they wake up and they’re as happy as clams.”

“No, no, no,” interjected Carlson. “I disagree, I disagree. Chris Cuomo’s totally tormented. You watch Chris Cuomo and there’s a deep self-loathing. Like, he knows how dumb he is and he’s mad about it. That’s what the, you know, the anabolic steroids are about obviously. Don LAH-mon is totally happy in his mindless haze.”

Gutfeld then suggested that next week they should do an MSNBC version of the debate about Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace.

Carlson expressed contempt for Wallace without mentioning her by name, saying, “By the way, the woman – not Joy Reid, the other one on MSNBC – is so loathsome, I am proud to say I have never uttered her name since I met her in 1999 when she was Jeb Bush’s flack. She was nasty and stupid then. She’s worse now. Ugh. Worst person on television.”

Gutfeld responded by saying, “You know, this might be the greatest segment.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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