Tucker Carlson and Jorge Ramos Go At It in Fiery Immigration Debate: ‘Spare Me Your Talking Points’

Tonight’s big Fox News debate on immigration and voting rights starred Tucker Carlson and Jorge Ramos, neither of whom budged an inch.

The Univision anchor was on to talk about his new book about Latino immigrants living in the United States, and Carlson began by asking Ramos why his immigration proposals should be taken seriously. Carlson asked this while making particular reference to Ramos’ dual Mexican-American citizenry and participation in both countries’ elections.

Ramos noted that he’s not the only American with dual citizenship, though Carlson objected to people “telling Americans like me how we should run our government when you clearly have not renounced your loyalty to a foreign government.”

“Why should I take you seriously?” Carlson asked.

Ramos spoke of how some immigrants feel like they can never be American enough to appease native U.S. citizens, to which, Carlson snarked that Ramos was “disingenuous” when he pledged his oath of allegiance to the country. From there, the two launched into a clash where Ramos called Carlson “state media” and accused him of carrying water for President Trump‘s agenda of “criminalizing” all immigrants.

“Spare me your talking points,” Carlson retorted. The two continued to lock horns about painting immigrants with a broad brush, along with recent political moves to shield criminal aliens from deportation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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