Tucker Carlson Battles With Ex-UN Amb. Nancy Soderberg Over Uranium: ‘You’re Filibustering!’

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson took on former U.N. ambassador Nancy Soderberg over the latest developments on the Obama-era Uranium One Deal that reportedly involved Russian corruption that was tied to the Clinton Foundation.

Carlson began by asking Soderberg if she thought it was a “good idea” for the Obama administration to give Russia, or, as he put it, “our primary adversary in the world according to the Democrats,” 20 percent of America’s uranium.

While Soderberg, who also served as the Deputy National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton, said she wasn’t familiar with the deal, such deals on uranium have been done for over 40 years, and she dismissed calls for investigations as “fake news.”

“If we are as concerned about Russia as you say we should be… then why wouldn’t we be concerned about the fact that according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported in The New York Times, some large percentage of this uranium in the form of yellowcake has been exported to unknown countries?” Carlson asked. “What countries do think those are? Switzerland?”

Soderberg continued her focus on Russia’s “invasion of our democracy” and not something that happened “10 years ago.”

“But it’s not 10 years ago,” Carlson said, interrupting Soderberg. “You’re filibustering actually an important point.”

After Soderberg accused Republicans of “trying to cut off this investigation of Russia’s role in our democracy,” Carlson “granted” her that point but pressed her on the Uranium One Deal.

“I want to talk about the fact that uranium is being mined in the American West and is controlled by the Russian government, the very one that you say poses a threat to our democracy,” Carlson continued. “Why shouldn’t every American bolt upright and say, ‘What?! How the heck did they could control that?!’ It’s not 10 years ago, it’s happening right now.”

“All of us take very seriously the control of uranium and plutonium, our stockpiles…” Soderberg responded.

“You don’t seem to,” Carlson shot back. “Why are you blowing past my questions which are real?”

Carlson said he was “surprised” that Soderberg was “resorting to political bumper stickers and talking points” instead of talking policy.

Watch the testy back-and-forth above, via Fox News.


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