Tucker Carlson Gives Puff Interview to Woman Who Was Too Racist For Nigel Farage


It’s 2018, and if you turn on the highest rated cable news show at 8 p.m., you can watch a politician deemed too racist for the UK Independence Party be given a puff interview by Tucker Carlson.

Anne Marie Waters, a woman whose name Americans now have to know thanks to Carlson’s shameful interview with her, is a virulently anti-Islam politician in the U.K., albeit an unsuccessful one.

She ran for leader of UKIP in 2017, the right wing party once led by Nigel Farage, and lost. Her triumphant opponent, Henry Bolton, warned during the race that she would turn it into the “UK Nazi Party.” After her loss, a relieved Farage wrote that “racists nearly killed UKIP.”

“Intolerance of the sort she peddles has no place in UKIP,” Farage added, urging her to leave the party.

After she was shunned by the party as a Nazi and racist, Waters left to form her own, named “For Britain,” which would take on the already far-right UKIP with a more hardened anti-Muslim and anti-immigration stance (that Waters herself is an immigrant from Ireland is not lost on the English.)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited Waters on his show Tuesday night to discuss the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, a British far-right activist (and supporter of For Britain) sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court.

Waters warned a very concerned Tucker Carlson of the persecution of those who “don’t go along with the endless praise of Islam” or even “speak negatively” about the religion.

The Fox News host let her speak for a little over a minute — one can only hope because a producer Googled her and panicked — before ending the segment with warm words:

“Anne, that is a sad story, but I’m glad to hear it from you,” Carlson said to the guest. “Thank you so much.”

The question here becomes: did Tucker Carlson know he was interviewing someone who calls Islam “evil”? Did his bookers ever tell him? Does he just not care?

For all the outrage Carlson emits when he’s labelled a white nationalist, giving tougher interviews to college kids than a woman who was determined to be too racist for UKIP does not help his case.

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