Tucker Carlson Rips CNN Over Russia Story Retraction: ‘No Longer Just a News Organization; It’s a Campaign’


On Monday night, Tucker Carlson took shots at CNN over their retracted Russia story that led to the resignation of three employees.

The Fox News host began by saying the network’s “descent from news organization to political campaign is nearly complete.”

He went into detail of the retracted story that involved Trump campaign advisor Anthony Scaramucci was allegedly part of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russia and how the entire story was retracted because according to CNN, it did not meet their editorial standards. “And that’s saying something,” Carlson quipped.

Carlson called CNN a “home for conspiracists on the Russia question worldwide” and listed numerous stories that were published by the network that were ultimately debunked.

He then cited a study that showed that 93% of CNN’s coverage of Trump is negative.

Idi Amin would get more balanced coverage,” Carlson asserted. “Anybody would. Fidel Castro certainly has!”

Carlson reiterated that CNN is no longer a news organization and that it’s become a “campaign with a mission” run by Jeff Zucker, who he mentions once expressed interested in running for office himself.

“Like any campaign, it is great at some things,” he continued. “Pushing a message, hurting its opponents, and not so good at others like… reporting the news.”

He invited on veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson to get her explanation as to what happened to journalism.

She listed numerous factors as to why the media has made such a transformation, the first being that pundits and political operatives were “invited into our newsrooms” as reporters, anchors, and in editorial positions.

Attkisson also stated that the media establishment “exempted themselves” from journalism rules.

“They see Donald Trump as such a big threat,” she elaborated. “They would say a Hitler-esqe threat.”

She added that he’s also a threat to the establishment norm of access and money, which all becomes “worthless” if “Trump’s reality of Washington” becomes the new norm.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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