Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6th Trailer Elicits Exact Outrage Expected: ‘Stole Literally Every One of Alex Jones’ Moves’


Tucker Carlson's Patriot Purge

Tucker Carlson promoted a new three-part Fox Nation series Wednesday night, which is probably best summarized by the Mediaite headline descriptor “batshit crazy.” The top-rated cable news host has long pushed conspiracy theories surrounding January 6th, and this appears to be the logical extension of these ideas.

Michael Luciano described Carlson’s introduction of the trailer on his show Wednesday night:

Called “Patriot Purge,” Carlson explained, “The U.S. government has in fact launched a new war on terror, but it’s not against al Qaeda, it’s against American citizens. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of our country. This is an attack on core civil liberties and it’s essential that you know what’s happening and that you resist it.”

Carlson has more than flirted with the idea that the January 6 Capitol riot was incited, if not perpetrated by the federal government. In September, he downplayed the riot and said, “We still don’t know how many federal agents were involved in the event that day on January 6. But we have very good reason to believe from court documents that it’s a significant number.”

You can watch the full trailer here, but you should be warned that, as is the case in almost all trailers, there is far more suggestion than actual meaning. B-Roll of helicopters over the Capitol building cut with shots of Osama bin Laden and the attacks on the Capitol building, interspersed with soundbites that suggest a nefarious takeover by the country’s liberal elites present a clear and present danger for “patriots.” Or something.

This shit is not just dumb as hell, but seems — at least in the trailer — not terribly well-rooted in facts and is wildly irresponsible for any network to air. And that isn’t just my opinion, but the summation of many who expressed similar disgust with the trailer, which is exactly the effect desired by Carlson.

Meanwhile, millions of viewers of this trailer will take it verbatim, many of whom may seriously start considering taking up arms against elected officials and fellow countrymen because Tucker said they might be sent to Gitmo!

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