Twitter in Shock Over Video Showing Local TV Anchors Forced to Read Script About Fake News


Twitter users responded in disbelief and anger over a video compilation of local news anchors across the country being forced to read a script reportedly created by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of television stations nationwide.

In the script, reporters are made to describe “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country,” claiming some outlets publish stories “without checking facts first” and certain members of the media “push their own personal bias and agenda.”

The haunting video was posted by Deadspin on Saturday after reports emerged about Sinclair’s script and requirement for all of its stations to broadcast “must-run” conservative segments.

“Among the dark ironies of the script these anchors have to read is how they each have to mention their hometown markets,” Twitter user Marc Caputo wrote Saturday. “As if it’s tailor-made for their audiences when in reality it’s broad-based propaganda to be spread across the nation without local regard.”

Other users slammed the local anchors for agreeing to read the scripts, which many said reflected the president’s attack on the American press. “What Sinclair did here was horrid, but every local anchor who went along with this stunt should be deeply ashamed of themselves,” one user wrote.

See more reactions from Twitter below:

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