Univision Anchor: Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Coming from Trump, Tucker Carlson Is ‘Being Replaced by Violence and Bullets’


Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo has faced off with Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show before, but he said this morning he wouldn’t go back on after a week that’s shown Latinos are under attack because the rhetoric people like Carlson engage in is now leading to “violence and bullets.”

John Avlon, guest-hosting Reliable Sources this morning, first asked current CNN host and former Fox Newser S.E. Cupp if this kind of stuff Carlson’s saying on air is “consistent with the guy you knew.”

“The Tucker Carlson personality on the show, I think, is playing to an audience,” Cupp said. “And that audience is largely male, older, white, aggrieved, and sort of keying in on those grievances is something I think he’s been doing since he got a show there. But his old bread and butter certainly was not race politics. It was political correctness, free speech, he was far more libertarian than the public Tucker Carlson is today on the Fox show. I think that’s more a feature, though, of Fox and its audience than it is of him.”

Avlon brought up to Acevedo his past appearances on Carlson’s show and asked, “Is this time different? Describing white nationalism, white supremacy as a hoax, does it change your calculus about going on air?”

Acevedo said he wanted to expose the Fox audience “to a different point of view, one they will probably hear anywhere where they get their information, get their news.”

“And it has to be said, not only Tucker’s rhetoric, but also the president’s,” he continued, “this anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, what some elegantly call ‘demographic anxieties’ have now been replaced by violence and bullets. I think we have to, you know, have clear morality on this. And they’re in part responsible for what we saw in a place like El Paso. The man responsible for this was inspired by some of the words, some of the rhetoric coming from them. So I think, you know, this is different in the sense that it’s now transcended into violence, into bullets, into lots of life for our community that came under fire in El Paso.”

He told Avlon that he hasn’t been invited on Carlson’s show since the El Paso shooting but he has no interest in going on in the future:

“I can tell you I’m not going back on Fox News. I’ve been on his show, on Laura Ingraham’s show. Not only as a journalist, but as a human being right now… I have the moral responsibility to make it clear that this rhetoric is now being replaced by, again, violence and bullets. And in that sense, Latinos coming under attack, it is not responsible for someone like me to go on and expose myself to what’s happening at Fox.”

Vox’s Jane Coaston said Carlson’s argument that there aren’t that many white supremacists is “not how we think about any other terror threat.” She said it’s “not like there were hundreds of people” who carried out the 9/11 attacks and added, “The number of people involved should not be how we consider or view the impact of white nationalist terror.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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