‘Unusual’: Fox News’ John Roberts Highlights Trump’s Days-Long Absence From Public View


All throughout his presidency, Donald Trump made a lot of public appearances sounding off on whatever’s been on his mind, but aside from golfing over the weekend, he hasn’t made any public appearances in days, instead sticking to Twitter to complain about the election.

Bill Hemmer took note of how we haven’t seen the president in public “for several days now.”

“Last time we saw him was on Thursday when he came out to speak,” Roberts said, “and as far as I can recall, this is the longest we have gone without seeing the president come out and chat with us. He’s always been one of those figures who likes to get out and say what’s on his mind.”

“I have to say that it is unusual that we have not seen the president in some shape of form in person talking about what’s on his mind,” he added.

He recapped the Trump team’s legal fights as the president insists that he won the election with “legal votes” but alleging that it was stolen from him.

Hemmer noted that it’s likely Trump’s next public appearance will be at Arlington Wednesday to mark Veterans Day.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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