Twitter Ridicules Mark Meadows’ Send ‘Obama to Be Sent Back to Kenya’ Clip


A clip of Rep. Mark Meadows calling for then-President Barack Obama to be sent back to Kenya has resurfaced after the Congressman made waves during the Michael Cohen Congressional hearings by bringing along a black woman and HUD official to use as evidence President Donald Trump is not racist.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Meadows brought along Lynne Patton, a Trump family associate who was appointed by the president to a HUD post.

The stunt did not turn out well for Meadows.

Instead, it prompted a heated exchange between Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Meadows during the hearing.

After the hearing,  unearthed video of Meadows in 2012 also began to circulate. That video showed Meadows making anti-Obama birther claims.

Media Matters Steve Morris shared the clip early Wednesday evening.

CNN’s Don Lemon was among those who rolled tape of Meadows’ unearthed Obama birther moment after Meadows’ hearing stunt.

On Twitter, the same video also circulated with KFile’s Andrew Kaczynski, Michael Moore and others sharing the 2012 clip.

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