CNN’s Tara Setmeyer Torches ‘Wedding Planner’ Lynne Patton For Hearing Cameo


CNN’s Tara Setmayer was not at all pleased that Rep. Mark Meadows used Lynne Patton as a human prop to make his case that President Donald Trump wasn’t a racist.

Yet, she wasn’t exactly pleased with Patton for allowing herself to be put in that position during the Congressional hearing either.

Speaking on CNN Wednesday night, Setmayer talked about Patton —  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official and Trump associate — and her appearance at a Congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“It was tokenism at its worst,” she said. “And it was laughable.”

Then she said this: “On top of that, you’re going to pick someone like Lynne Patton, who is basically the wedding planner for Eric Trump, who had no experience whatsoever working at HUD. She was a family friend of the Trumps in a major position, and that’s who you’re going to trot out? Someone who was like the personal assistant of the family to say, oh, well he’s not racist?”

Turning to Meadows, she added: “And Mark Meadows of all people, he was one of the birther guys. There is video of him out there now talking about we’re going to send Barack Obama back to Kenya or wherever.”

Setmayer was not done yet.

A little while later after Lemon aired video of Meadows birther moment, she lambasted Patton for being part of the Trump attention-seeking cabal.

“She likes the attention,” Setmayer said. “She tweeted it out ahead of time she was going to do this. She’s part of that same cabal of Trump attention seekers that were nobodies before, that have a taste of power now, and they’re milking it. ”

“And shame on the Republican Party for doing this over and over again,” she concluded.

Watch above, via CNN

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