Vincente Fox Gets Heated in Interview With Eric Bolling: ‘Mexico’s Not Going to Pay for That F***ing Wall’


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On America with Eric Bolling on CRTV, former President of Mexico Vincente Fox lost his cool on the topic of a border wall in an interview that aired on Wednesday.

Just before the above clip, Fox and host Eric Bolling were debating the issue of illegal immigration and the impact it has on Americans. Fox told Bolling that the answer to any burden or law enforcement problems with illegal border crossing is “applying the law, rule of law. Not using the stick. Not taking to jail kids, separating them from the families. That’s not the way to do it.”

“I agree with you, countries must control their border, United States has a right–” said Fox.

Bolling interjected, saying “well sir, you don’t agree with me,” as Fox began saying “give me a second, give me a second” repeatedly.

Bolling continued the point about agreement. “You don’t agree with me, because I also agree with Donald Trump that the wall, a big strong, high, 50 foot wall, impenetrable and you can’t tunnel under it, is a good deterrent,” he said.

“If you want to build a wall, build it, but with your own money,” said Fox. “Mexico is not going to pay for that f*cking wall.”

“U.S. citizens will pay for that wall, and Trump has to convince you to pay for it, convince others to pay for it, but not Mexicans,” he continued. “We’re not paying for that wall.”

Bolling then laid out a plan he’s proposed before, telling Fox that he has also presented the idea to President Trump, on how to fix the price on imports of Mexican oil in order to finance the wall.

Fox responded by saying “if it is your money, do it.”

“Your money,” said Bolling.

“If it’s Mexican money, we’re not paying for the wall,” said Fox.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CRTV. The full interview is here (including Ann Coulter in a picture-in-picture reacting to Fox for some reason.)

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