Wait, What? CNN Asks If Prince’s Death Will Benefit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


As tens of millions mourn the sudden and devastating loss of music legend Prince, cable news continues to cable news. Fans of the deceased icon are surely gratified by the wall-to-wall coverage of Prince’s life and the outpouring of mournful tribute, but on CNN Friday morning, things got weird. During a political panel three-box featuring David Gregory and Nia-Malika Henderson, anchor Jon Berman actually wondered aloud if the timing of Prince’s death might benefit Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

Today the story isn’t the election, it’s Prince. The passing of Prince. Does this freeze the race a little bit, and maybe benefit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump coming off of big wins?

Um, good point?

Speaking of weird reactions to Prince’s death, here’s John Kasich being way too honest about it, while also expressing amazement at all of the “unrecorded” Prince music that the world can look forward to hearing:

I feel badly about Prince. Not really, though. I never really — I never saw him in concert. That was a mistake for me not to have been able to follow him, to see him in concert. Because he was an extraordinary musician. They say they have enough unrecorded music now to last, they could put an album out every year for 100 years. Remarkable.

I guess Kasich deserves “credit” for correcting himself after reflexively claiming he was “feeling badly” about the news, but you know, you don’t actually have to have seen someone in concert to be sorry they’re dead.

Hillary Clinton, for her part, had a much more human reaction to Prince’s death, which is to say that it was human at all. Hillary was asked about Prince’s passing in a radio interview with Patty Jackson of Philadelphia station WDAS:

I was so stunned. You know, you think of him as being almost eternal… It was so sad.

Time will tell what sort of a bump Hillary’s grief will give her in upcoming primary states.

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