WaPo’s Phil Rucker: President Trump ‘Unusually Disciplined’ When Asked About Mueller and Manafort


Phil Rucker appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the interview with President Donald Trump published Tuesday afternoon in the Washington Post. When asked by fellow MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle about the President’s disposition, Rucker provided insight not included in the previously published report.

The article revealed loads of interesting details regarding the Commander in Chief’s dismissal of his administration’s alarming Climate Report, and how Trump often trusts his “gut” over other more deterministic datasets,  but there was one section (revealed in the transcript released after the article was published) that indicated a portion of the interview that was off the record. And that portion regarded the recent developments with the Mueller investigation and Paul Manafort’s alleged lying to Federal officials that has rendered his plea agreement null and void.

Rucker explained that Trump was in his “normal self” adding that “He’s charming and charismatic and wants you to like him.” Trump was joined by aides Sarah Sanders, Bill Shine and Kellyanne Conway and had “no notes on his desk.”

Rucker then explained that Trump was “particularly unusually disciplined when we asked him about the latest developments in the Mueller probe, the Russia investigation, and the news about Paul Manafort.”

Trump “refused to talk about that on the record” telling Rucker and his cohorts “look, I am not going to get in the middle of that situation.”

Rucker then revealed that the President then talked at length about it off the record and shared his views, but when they pressed Trump if they “could share any of those comments with the public on the record, he said no and that seemed to be him following direction from his staff.”

Watch the segment above courtesy of MSNBC.

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