WATCH: Chris Cuomo Reveals X-Rays Of His Lungs While Suffering From The Coronavirus


CNN host Chris Cuomo live on air Monday night shared recently taken X-rays of his lungs after testing positive for the coronavirus.

In a candid conversation with CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Cuomo said, “So this weekend I had the fever start to go down a little bit, and I started to feel it come into my chest, so I went to get a chest x-ray, and I want you to see this just so you can see what we’re looking for and not.”

Cuomo asked Gupta, “Doc, obviously, you understand this, what we’re looking for, in the lungs, are big white areas, what are the terms that people will hear, what are you looking for, and what do you see in this mighty expanse of a chest in front of you?”

The doctor responded that what medical professionals are looking for on the x-rays are “infiltrate,” which appears as white spots on the image of the lungs.

“You’re right, one of the things that you’ll hear is infiltrate, do you have an infiltrate in your chest, in your lungs, and that’s basically a collection of inflammatory fluid.”

“I would look for those in areas, where, the black areas are the air, in your lung, I would look for some of those black areas to essentially be filled with white spots, and I want to make it clear for the audience, I’m not diagnosing here from afar, or via television, Chris and I talked about this earlier today,” Gupta stated.

Gupta repeatedly warned that he wasn’t diagnosing from afar, but did offer that it does not appear to him as though Cuomo has pneumonia.

“And it looks pretty good. Maybe a little bit of fluid buildup there. But not something that I would definitively call pneumonia. Which is what they’re trying to diagnose. Pneumonia is not just diagnosed by a chest x-ray but one of the tools that doctors use to diagnose it,” Gupta stated.

Cuomo responded, stating, that in consultation with his doctors, they rendered the same decision that he does not have pneumonia – while pointing out that it was “scary” to see the picture of his lungs.

“And they expect me to have infiltrate because I have the virus. And I have to tell you, it is scary to have your lungs go up there, and see this stuff, you’re like what is like that smoke in there, and they’ll like yes, it’s the virus. It’s in there. It’s in you. You have to fight to keep it out. And I’m doing fine. I don’t have pneumonia. But if I want to stay that way, you know, I got to have some things fall in my favor,” the CNN host stated.

Gupta replied, “Yeah, I think you make a good point, Chris. I mean, obviously, you’re getting doctors who tell you look, you should take it easy, and I obviously was counseling you last week, ‘why don’t you take some time off’ and I think you make a good point – you’re doing pulmonary exercises, these breathing exercises, which your doctors have advised you to do.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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