WATCH: CNN’s Gary Tuchman Admonishes Biden Revelers Chanting ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ During His Live Shot


A CNN correspondent admonished a group of people celebrating the 2020 election results for cursing out President Donald Trump on live TV.

Reporting from downtown Atlanta on Saturday night, CNN’s Gary Tuchman was seconds into his hit with Wolf Blitzer when the crowd behind him struck up a chant.

“Fuck Donald Trump!” they shouted. “Fuck Donald Trump!”

Tuchman promptly turned around and scolded the revelers.

“Hey, you guys, you guys!” Tuchman said. “Let the viewers hear me, okay?! You can yell and scream, but don’t say that, please.”

It wasn’t the first time the four letter word got on CNN’s air in Atlanta on Saturday. Earlier in the day, a “Fuck Trump” sign got through while Tuchman was on the air.

Tuchman commended the crowd for acting peacefully and not engaging in violence. But he chided them not only for the salty language, but also for flouting coronavirus safety recommendations.

“One other thing I want to point out to you — there’s no social distancing here,” Tuchman said. “That’s not cool. Most people have been wearing their masks — 90, 95 percent. Now it’s less. That’s not so cool either.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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