WATCH: Drew Carey Got Knocked Over On Stage by a Price Is Right Contestant

Host Drew Carey took quite a fall on The Price Is Right stage after an overeager contestant latched onto him in an attempted hug, causing them both to crash to the floor.

Carey’s fall looked particularly painful, as his side landed on top of what appears to be a metal light fixture. However, the host shot back up to his feet and announced that he was “fine” — all while the contestant apologized profoundly for the stumble.

Despite the hard fall, Carey carried on with the show and seemed to recover just fine.

Of course, this isn’t the first time The Price Is Right has dealt with humorous on-stage embarrassment. In a throwback episode, a model displaying a refrigerator that contestants could win experiences technical trouble as she can’t seem to get the fridge’s doors to close. The gaffe has since been turned into a widely-used GIF.

Additionally, Carey has a history of getting knocked over by contestants. One previous, overly-excited guest lifted Carey up off of his feet, spun him around in circles, and tried to set him back down gently — which is when the contestant accidentally dropped the host onto the floor.

Watch above, via CBS.

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