WATCH: Hannity to Encourage Mask Wearing in PSA Airing on Fox News


Fox News host Sean Hannity will urge people to weak masks in a new PSA obtained by Mediaite before it airs Thursday night on the network.

“Alright, so I’ve been saying all along throughout the pandemic, Covid-19, essential employees all across America they never stopped working,” Hannity says in the PSA, airing during the coronavirus pandemic. “Mask, PPE – it kept them safe and I was right here in the epicenter”

“Every store I went to, everybody was wearing their mask and thankfully at my grocery store nobody got Covid-19 so what did I learn?” Hannity continued. “I don’t have a problem wearing a mask especially if it means we can go to a ball game or to defend grandma, grandpa, mom and dad. That’s why I choose to do it.”

On May 26, Hannity was critical of those violating distancing guidelines in a viral video at the Lake of Ozark’s during Memorial Weekend.

“I see no social distancing,” Hannity said in May. “But if they get the virus and then are in contact with older, more vulnerable Americans, that could be a disaster for others. That’s why the short period of time — it’s only temporary. If you can’t social distance, please wear the mask.”

Other Fox News hosts have recently urged for mask-wearing — like Steve Doocy, who asked why President Donald Trump still won’t wear a mask on Tuesday. Some have been less interested. In May, Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for the way he looked wearing a mask.

On Thursday, Trump said he had “no problem” with mask wearing in an interview with Fox Business. Still, the president has been reluctant to wear one in public, and made fun of Biden for wearing a mask when “the audience is 25, 30, 40 feet away.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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