WATCH: Mark Levin Takes Sucking Up to Trump to an Entire New Level in Mar-a-Lago Interview


Mark Levin is a proud conservative commentator, unafraid to mix it up with his ideological and imagined foes. But the host of Fox News Life, Liberty & Levin is not too proud to openly and shamelessly suck up to former President Donald Trump, which he did to wrap up his recent interview.

As Levin described it, the interview was recorded in early April, moments before Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg announced he would prosecute the former president for the alleged hush money scheme involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels and his former attorney Michael Cohen. This portion of the interview was held to promote a new book from Trump titled Letters to Trump.

The interview made next to zero news, as one would expect from such a sycophantic interviewer more interested in cozying up to powerful subjects than speaking the truth to them. But the final segment wrapped with what can only be called full-blown fealty to the presumptive leader of the GOP primaries, who is facing multiple criminal investigations.

Following is a transcript of Levin’s embarrassing suckuppery:

I’ve talked to a lot of important people Supreme Court justices, presidents, presidential candidates, brilliant people. And talking with you is really the most impressive conversation I’ve had. Number one, there’s very few people who could sit there and speak the way you do from subject to subject to subject to subject. If people would let you speak and actually listen to you while you have the enormous pressure on your shoulders of these grand juries and other things going on and you still are able to do it, that is absolutely remarkable.

And as you go through the history of your presidency and I read these letters in this book, it was a phenomenal presidency. Phenomenal presidency. And the reason you don’t get the credit that you deserve is because perhaps that’s going to be up to history. When people look back and say, wait a minute, he was right about this, this and this and so forth. What happened is you upset the apple cart that is Hillary was supposed to win and she was supposed to be the third term of Obama and they never forgave you.

And we’re facing a period in history now, somebody who studies history very carefully where the country is facing a very dangerous change. We’re regressing and regressing towards what you call correctly this Marxist ideology. And so you’re not going to get a fair break from the people in Washington and the media. They want you to do what Republicans normally do. Roll over and play that.

And that’s clearly not in your personality. I want you to know this is a fantastic book. Letters to Trump. I want to encourage people to get it so you can see who Donald Trump, who you were speaking with throughout your life and throughout your career and what they were saying without anybody interfering and involved interpreting it for anybody else.

So I want to thank you for all the time you’ve given us here. And it’s been a tremendous honor. Well, thank you very much. God bless. My great honor.

Without fear for favor? Give me a break.

Watch above via Fox News.

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