Trump Tells Recovered Coronavirus Patient ‘Stay Away From Me’ After She Says She’s Feeling ’85 Percent Better’ 


During a meeting with Americans who have recovered from the coronavirus, President Donald Trump told one woman to “stay away” from him after she told him she was only feeling “85 percent better” despite testing negative.

The woman told Trump that she initially thought the virus was just like the flu, as she had a low-grade fever for less than a week. It was during the second week, however, that she experienced respiratory issues, including shortness of breath.

“It came in waves. I had three, probably, different waves, and tested positive again after a month. I am negative now,” the woman explained. “The first symptoms were [March] ninth, I didn’t test negative until five days ago.”

“How are you now?” Trump asked. “Would you say 100%?”

She replied by saying she feels about 85 percent better. “Stay away from me, please. Stay away! Keep her away!” Trump joked.

The woman explained that she only said 85 percent as opposed to 100 because she was nervous about jinxing her luck. She had previously said she was feeling 100 percent better, only to experience a second and third wave of the virus.

The president then spoke to the recovered patients about plasma donations to help those still fighting the coronavirus and claimed that the antibodies could only be present for a limited time.

Trump also reportedly asked the victims “if they thought they were going to die” while they were in insolation:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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