Whoopi Goldberg Mocks Trump Skipping WHCD: If You Can’t Take Mockery, You Shouldn’t Be POTUS


Since Donald Trump is snubbing the White House Correspondents Dinner for the third year in a row, Whoopi Goldberg went after the president on Wednesday for his inability to cope with mockery and criticism.

The View used a portion of their show to discuss reports that Trump has ordered a White House boycott of the dinner as he holds a counter-rally in Wisconsin. As Goldberg questioned whether the event should go on without the president or a comedic host, she eventually remarked that Trump seems to lack a sense of humor.

“It’s unfortunate because not only do we have a president that doesn’t have a sense of humor,” Sunny Hostin said, “he doesn’t seem to enjoy the fact that the Constitution provides for a free press.”

Abby Huntsman argued that Trump would have material to use if he showed up this year and talked about the results of Robert Mueller‘s report, but Goldberg countered “That’s not funny…This man has no sense of humor.”

“If you’re in the public eye – somebody’s got something to say. Somebody will always crack on you. What you can’t do is go after them personally. You can’t go after their family. You can’t retaliate. That’s not how that works. If you can’t take it, you shouldn’t be in the job, because everybody is kicking your ass as president. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Every president has taken it, and taken it like champs…He does not.”

Goldberg went on to say that “if you’re in that job, you must have a sense of humor, you cannot be a vindictive angry man.” She also remarked that the media constantly strives for truth and admits to their mistakes, whereas Trump prefers to constantly smear others as “fake news” whenever people call out his lies.

Watch above, via ABC.

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