Whoopi Goldberg Slams RNC’s ‘Loyalty Pledge’: Sounds Like the ‘House on Un-American Activities’


Whoopi Goldberg took issue with the Republican National Committee’s requirement that GOP primary candidates sign a “loyalty pledge” and back whomever ends up being the presidential nominee.

Goldberg discussed her discomfort with the RNC pledge during a discussion of presidential primary candidates on Wednesday’s The View.

“The Republican candidates will be asked to pledge — sign a pledge — to support whoever the candidate is,” Goldberg said. “Those kind of things make me nervous, because the last time I remember someone being asked to sign a pledge — when we’re little kids, we’re told to Pledge of Allegiance — but the last time adults were asked to sign a pledge it was for the House on Un-American Activities, which makes me very uncomfortable.”

The House Un-American Activities Committee staged anti-communist investigations in the 1940s and ’50s that became inextricably linked to McCarthyism.

The View played a clip of GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie pointing out the futility of the required pledge.

“I will take the pledge that the RNC puts in front of me just as seriously as Donald Trump did eight years ago, when he signed the pledge when Reince Priebus went up there and begged him to do it. And then on the first debate stage, he didn’t raise his hand to support the nominee. I will do whatever I have to do… to be on that stage and to be able to make the case to the American people that there’s a need for new leadership.”

Sara Haines agreed with Goldberg: “I take issue there with the RNC requiring that; I know they have forever. They always say, this is what we do, it’s a primary. I would think we could all agree that it’s unprecedented times, and to ask people on that stage when we’ve talked about how abhorrent it is to not cede power — the peaceful transfer of power — to not admit you’ve lost an election.”

Watch The View clip above via ABC.

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