WSJ Reporter: Donald Trump is Like a ‘Goldfish’


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle spoke on Tuesday with Wall Street Journal reporter Eli Stokols, who had an interesting way of describing how often President Trump is caught contradicting his own words and actions.

Ruhle kicked off her show by looking over a new report from the The New York Times about how various government climate scientists were worried that the Trump Administration might surprise their findings about humanity’s effect on the global warming. Eventually, Ruhle turned to how Trump retweeted a Fox News report that apparently contained classified information about North Korea which was leaked by anonymous sources.

“Hello? Is this not what Jeff Sessions, dog and pony show, was all about on Friday, thousand leakers will be prosecuted, this should never happen?” Ruhle asked incredulously.

To that point, Stokols offered this bit of commentary:

“Well, it’s hypocrisy, but this is a president who’s never, ever been capable of being shamed for hypocrisy, self-contradictions, any of that. So it’s not surprising it fits this sort of pattern of, you know, Trump being — I called him at times sort of a ‘goldfish’ — in the sense he seems to forget what happened ten seconds before. He’s always in the moment, sort of reacting and trying to get reactions and he doesn’t really worry about whether or not it contradicts something he said before or a broader point.”

Stokols went on say John Kelly is still trying to control the flow of information towards the president, though asking Trump to tweet less or stop watching television could prove to be a challenge.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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