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Brian Stelter: Trump Lying is ‘Almost Pathological’

On Sunday, former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany starred in a campaign ad of sorts presented in the form of a newscast posted on President Donald Trump‘s Facebook page.

In a Tuesday morning appearance on CNN, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter suggested we’re likely to see many more similar “Trump TV” broadcasts going forward.

“What he’s increasingly doing is presenting his own alternative,” Stelter said. “Whether it’s Trump TV on his Facebook page, or whether its his media allies at places like Sinclair, he is presenting an alternative narrative, a counter-narrative, in order to counter the real bad news affecting his administration with a rosier picture online.”

Stelter went on to rip the President for that alternative narrative — crafted largely on his Twitter feed. After debunking a Monday Trump Tweet in which he wrote that the media was loathe to cover the U.N. Security Council’s 15-0 vote in favor of sanctioning North Korea, Stelter blasted Trump for spreading such misinformation.

“There are times this behavior seems almost pathological,” Stelter said. “The pattern of falsehoods that comes from the President’s Twitter feeds. And it effects his aides as well, and it effects his media allies like Sean Hannity. Because then they have to back up the BS that he’s posting on Twitter.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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