‘You Are a Hypocrite’: Jeffrey Lord and Symone Sanders go at it on CNN


Just a few days removed from dominating CNN’s airtime with his comments comparing President Donald Trump to Martin Luther King Jr.Jeffrey Lord returned to the network on Tuesday morning.

Joining New Day host Alisyn Camerota and fellow panelist Symone Sanders, the initial topic was the exchanges with Press Secretary Sean Spicer about Trump’s tax returns during Monday’s White House Press Briefing.

Lord took a bit of a strange stance on the issue: If you want Trump to release his tax returns, why don’t you do it? That started a wild ten minutes where the two went back and forth non-stop on presidential transparency. The discussion reached a boiling point with a minute left in the segment, when Camerota asked about the White House visitor logs.

“Well, if they’re saying there’s a security reason, then maybe there is a problem,” said Lord.

Sanders couldn’t take it anymore. “You are a hypocrite. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!,’ she exclaimed. “This is extra hypocritical. Can we just be frank and say [that] apparently the rules that apply to the first black President of the United States do now not apply to the most unqualified president we’ve ever had? Release the tax returns, show me the visitor logs, go to work, Donald Trump.”

Lord’s response to end the segment didn’t make much sense:

“Let’s do this, Symone,” he began. “Let’s get those visitor logs released and in return, let’s get the phone calls, whatever phone calls and relationships and business between, say, Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee have existed so that—”

At that moment, Sanders interrupts to bring up communications with Russia, Lord becomes unintelligible, and, Camerota ends the segment.

It was wild. Watch above,

Check out the whole thing above, courtesy of CNN.

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