‘You Went Against the President!’: Lou Dobbs Confronts Steve Scalise Over GOP Voting With Dems on Syria


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs spoke with House Republican whip Steve Scalise tonight and confronted him on why he (and so many other Republicans) voted with the Democrats to rebuke President Donald Trump‘s Syria withdrawal decision.

Scalise was at the White House meeting this afternoon that top Democrats left after what they described as a “meltdown” from President Donald Trump.

Scalise said Trump laid out his plan to contain ISIS terrorists “because we don’t want them to run loose.”

Dobbs teed off about how Republicans need to do more to back up the president, particularly on the issue of “international police actions,” asking, “Isn’t it time to start following this president? I don’t understand it. The Republicans — I would think you guys would say, ‘You know, Nancy Pelosi is for it, I sure as Hell better be against it!'”

Scalise touted what Republicans have done in supporting the president and opposing Pelosi.

At one point, “Do you think the voters, congressman, are going to ask a congressman running for reelection what did you do for the president at the moment at which he needed the greatest support, that he needed people standing shoulder to shoulder with him instead of voting with the damn Democrats on a resolution…”

He proceeded to tout a poll showing a majority of Republicans approve of the troop withdrawal before directly confronting Scalise about voting with the Democratic majority — along with a majority of Republicans in the House — to condemn Trump’s action.

“You just went against 57 percent of the folks in that poll!” Dobbs said. “You went against the president who’s been right on issue after issue, as you just itemized… How in the world can you comfortably line up with Lindsey Graham? Who was, by the way, remember, he wanted to work for President Obama along with Senator McCain in Cairo to urge President Sisi to put the Muslim Brotherhood, for crying out loud, in the new Egyptian government! This is not a man who has great skill and a great record in foreign policy!”

Scalise said they were at the White House earlier “to talk through some of those issues and frankly to come to agreement on things like imposing tougher sanctions on Turkey, which we’re in agreement on.”

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