Ronan Farrow Calls Out NBC During Interview on Fox News: They ‘Didn’t Behave Journalistically’


Ronan Farrow sat down with Fox News’s Bret Baier to talk about the revelations made in his new book Catch and Kill. During the interview that aired on Fox News on Wednesday night, Farrow called out NBC for not behaving journalistically in their handling of his story, which they declined to publish.

“This was a case where a news organization didn’t behave journalistically,” said, speaking of NBC’s decision not to run the story.”They ordered us to stop.”

At one point in the interview, Baier asked Farrow if he felt “demoralized” when NBC “[closed] your story.”

Ronan started off by pointing out that when NBC passed he took it to The New Yorker, where it quickly became “a significant body of reporting.”

He added: “I owe to the bravery of sources and two incredible editors there. I think that it tells an important story about the circles of mutual protection and power in our business and the media and the need to hold ourselves accountable.”

He then praised Fox News and CBS for holding their own accountable and having the tough conversations.

“That’s true of CBS, where I did reporting on allegations of secret settlements there. It’s true of Fox, your own network, which has done a great job of confronting some of the issues here, including the use of secret settlements, and now there’s a tough conversation happening at NBC” Farrow stressed. “Many of them, including ones with Matt Lauer accusers. The journalists there who are excellent journalists, in many cases, are asking tough questions about why.”

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