CNN’s Cuomo Relentlessly Knocks Down GOP Rep’s Debunked Impeachment Talking Points: ‘Listen to What I’m Saying to You’


CNN host Chris Cuomo performed a relentless debunking of Republican talking points about the impeachment of President Donald Trump, warning off Rep.Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) from repeating his many false claims: “You have to listen to what I’m saying to you. There’s some wisdom.”

During a long segment, Cuomo and his frequent guest, Mullin, sparred over point after point about Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine and the sworn testimony of nearly 10 Trump administration witnesses who have implicated the president in a schemings to improperly extort a political favor in exchange for a one-on-one presidential meeting as well as $391 million in military aid.

–On the process for calling witnesses, Mullin claimed: “When they allow us to actually call witnesses, that would be great, when they actually open this up.”

“[House Intel Chair Adam] Schiff gave you some witnesses. Under Clinton, they only got one under Clinton, Ken Starr,” Cuomo pointed out.

–On the whistleblower not having legal protection from being revealed. “The whistleblower only has whistle protection if they were to handle it in the proper channels,” Mullin claimed.

“It It was handled the right way,” Cuomo corrected, alluding to the intelligence community Inspector General’s verdict.

“No, the proper channels was not going to meet with the Intel community first…” Mullin began.

“Nowhere was it written that the whistleblower did that,” Cuomo corrected again.

–On Trump’s purported concern about corruption in Ukraine: “Underneath the Obama Administration. It was vice president [Joe Biden] himself who went out and bragged he stopped the investigation. Now it’s all of a sudden wrong, in a country that is riddled with corruption…”

“A country that is ‘riddled with corruption,’ so you only ask about Joe Biden?” Cuomo pushed back. “In a country ‘riddled with corruption,’ you ask about Joe Biden, a person who under law you’re supposed to go to the DOJ to investigate as president or anybody else, but you go to Ukraine and you don’t even ask for an investigation. You know what you ask for, an announcement of an investigation.”

“Was there any quid pro quo anywhere in that conversation?” Mullin asked.


“No, there wasn’t,” Mullin claimed.

“The conversation is a window into a world that existed before and after it, okay?” Cuomo noted.

“It’s full of assumptions that you and the rest of the Democrats are trying to impeach the president,” Mullin insisted, attempting to disappear the sworn testimony of nearly a dozen Trump administration officials.

“Markwayne Mullin, you have to listen to what I’m saying to you. There’s some wisdom,” Cuomo said.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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