Debate Between Gun Rights Activist and Mass Shooting Survivor Explodes on CNN: ‘You’re Going to Have Blood on Your Hands’


On CNN’s New Day, host Alisyn Camerota oversaw a debate between Second Amendment advocate Jan Morgan, and survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting, attorney Brian Claypool on the topic of 3D printed guns. The contentious segment broke into a shouting match more than once.

Claypool told Camerota he was “in despair” and “grieving again” when heard about the possibility of downloading blueprints for guns that could be 3D printed at home.

Morgan said that this is both a Second and First Amendment issue, addressing both the right to bear arms and freedom of speech.

Morgan and Camerota discussed the issue of legality, and the technicalities involved in the issue.

“There’s a wealth of information out there that is very dangerous on the internet, so this is a first Amendment issue,” she said. “On the issue of firearms, we already- Alisyn and Brian, it is already against federal law to manufacture a firearm that is undetectable. But where the confusion lies is whether or not it’s traceable.”

Camerota asked Claypool how he felt hearing Morgan say that this process is a right protected by the constitution.

“That’s the problem with our society,” said Claypool. “First of all, the First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to break the law. The Federal law currently says you can’t make plastic guns without serial numbers. So you’re not protected by the First Amendment.”

The crosstalk and contention picked up when Morgan chuckled at Claypool’s description of how the bullets work and are designed.

“This is not acceptable in a civilized society, and it’s not funny,” he said, reacting to Morgan. “It’s not funny, you go, you go sit in a mass shooting, you go dodge bullets–”

“No what is funny, what’s funny, are you going to let me answer you? What’s funny–” she said, as they talked over each other.

“What’s funny is you sit behind your cushy chair–” Claypool interjected.

“what is funny is your- let me tell you who dodged bullets, thousands and thousands of United States veterans who have gone into the line of fire to defend liberty, to defend the bill of rights-” said Morgan, as they continued speaking at the same time.

“This isn’t about liberty, it’s about public safety,’ said Claypool.

Camerota stepped in and they returned to taking turns speaking, for the most part.

Claypool closed by saying that “this is going to allow any lunatic on the planet to go in his or her own home and make a gun and carry out another mass shooting.”

“And if this happens again, Jan, you know what? You’re going to have blood on your hands, and this government is going to have blood on its hands,” he said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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