First Amendment

Ben Sasse Challenges Trump: Are Your ‘Recanting’ Oath to Uphold the First Amendment?

Trump: ‘Frankly Disgusting the Way the Press Is Able to Write Whatever They Want’

Supreme Court Decides ‘Hate Speech’ Is Free Speech

Portland’s Mayor Fundamentally Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment

Student Sues California College System Over Draconian ‘Free Speech Zones’

Chris Matthews Doesn’t Call Out Conway When She Talks ‘Consequences’ for Bad-Mouthing Trump

Time Warner CEO: ‘Real Threat to the First Amendment’ Came from Dems, Not Trump

Worried About Trump’s Assault on the Media? Here’s What You Can Actually Do About It

California State University Bans Words…’Cuz English Language Is Offensive

Trump Suggests Curtailing First Amendment: ‘Our Press is Allowed to Say Whatever They Want…’

Teacher Who Stomped on Flag For ‘Free Speech’ Wants Student Punished For Exercising Free Speech

High School Teacher Suspended for Stepping on American Flag During 1st Amendment Lesson

California Bans Civil War Painting From County Fair For Containing the Confederate Flag

Donald Trump Is Apparently Ignorant About What Freedom of the Press Means

Trump Promises to Loosen Libel Laws So It’ll Be Easier for Him to Sue Newspapers

Trump’s Son Said ‘There’s Something Special’ About His Dad’s Desire to Punch Protesters

Yale Students Sign Petition to End First Amendment

Mizzou Student VP: 1st Amendment Creates ‘Hostile and Unsafe Learning Environment’

The Episcopal Church Voted to Allow Same-Sex Marriages

‘I’m Gonna Lock Your Ass Up’: Video Surfaces of Darren Wilson Arresting Man for Filming Him

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