Hannity Takes on Anti-Trump Protestors in London: ‘I’m a Fascist?!’


While broadcasting from London, Sean Hannity took the opportunity to approach the thousands of people who gathered in protest of President Donald Trump‘s visit in order to get a more “accurate picture.”

Many of the protestors invoked similar rhetoric against the president, calling him “racist” and a “fascist.” But Hannity managed to capture several interesting exchanges.

The Fox News host approached two women holding up a picture of Trump depicted as an angry, smelly pile of human feces.

“Now why don’t you like the president of the United States?” Hannity asked.

“Because I think he’s full of sh*t,” the woman responded.

He approached a man holding up a “Resist” sign.

“Says ‘resist.’ What are you resisting?” Hannity asked.

“Fascism,” the protestor answered.

“And who’s a fascist?” the Fox New host followed up.

“You, actually!” he shot back.

“I’m a fascist!” Hannity laughed.

Hannity told his viewers that he was “shocked” at how many people knew him.

Later on in the show, Hannity showed an extended clip of his interactions with the protestors.

“It’s been hot this summer for a reason, you know what I mean?” one protestor said.

“Is it Donald Trump’s fault that it’s hot?” Hannity asked.

“No, but I think he’s promoting climate change!” he responded.

Some blasted the president for the “human rights abuses” he has committed while others called to “Free Melania.”

“Alright, um, they didn’t have good reasons,” Hannity summarized his experience with the protestors. “But it was kind of a good party!”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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