Joe Scarborough: GOP Has Monopoly on Washington D.C. Yet Still ‘Plays the Aggrieved Card’


By any measure, these are salad days for the Republican party. There’s a strong economy, a conservative Supreme Court and the GOP controls all three branches of the government. So why are they so pissed?

This is the question asked by Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, who himself served as a Republican member of the House of Representatives before becoming an influential media figure. Yes, he has renounced his membership of the Grand Old Party, but he still occasionally shows off his conservative bona fides which gives this particular criticism of the state of things even more gravity.

Citing the words of yesterday’s guest Tom Nichols, Scarborough noted “the remarkable thing about Donald Trump and this Republican Party is, that they play the card of grievance” despite the monopoly they have on all the institutions they control in the nation’s capital, which he then listed one by one for effect.)

“They own everything in Washington, D.C., and yet they’re still aggrieved,” he said, adding “Poor Lindsey Graham, he’s pissed, never been so pissed in his life, you know what? Lindsey is part of a monopoly! The Republicans own Washington, D.C. They own a monopoly. They can do whatever they want to do. And yet, they’re still playing the aggrieved card and we’ll see if it works for them a month from now.

Scarborough didn’t make this point but I will: It seems that in the eyes of the Republican lawmakers, the real victims in the Kavanaugh hearings of alleged sexual assault are not the women who are alleged to have been assaulted. No, its the men concerned about how allegations might affect their political career who are the real victims.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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