John Delaney Blasts Fellow 2020 Dems For Making ‘Impossible Promises’ That Rely on ‘Fairy Tale Economics’


A few of the 2020 Democrats have separated themselves from the more progressive candidates, notably at the MSNBC and CNN debates, by criticizing big, liberal spending plans as not being “realistic”, as Sen. Amy Klobuchar put it. On Tuesday, back-of-the-pack-er and former Representative John Delaney went further, calling liberal plans for free stuff “impossible” and “fairy tale economics” in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Delaney was disputing the facts in an article that suggested his campaign was on the way out, when he reiterated his message.

“Listen, we have an economic vision for what this country needs. I’m the only person running who is both a successful business leader and served in the Congress of the United States,” he said. “And we need a new economic vision for this country.”

“Trump’s economic model isn’t working. What my Democratic opponents are running on doesn’t make any sense. It’s a bunch of impossible promises and fairy tale economics,” he continued, putting his Democrat opponents in the boat with Trump as being bad for the pocketbook. “We need real solutions for the issues that hard working Americans are dealing with.

“And we need to actually get our economy on the right track for the world that we’re going into, which includes ending this trade war that the president has gotten us into,” he said. Again linking his opponents to Trump’s economics, he continued saying “quite frankly all the candidates I’m running against effectively follow Trump’s policies on trade. I’m the only candidate running for president who actually supports President Obama’s effort to get us in the transpacific partnership. We’d be in an entirely different place if we had entered that trade agreement.”

“So what is unique about my candidacy is my economic vision about how we make capitalism more just and inclusive for the future, and that I have real solutions to health care, to climate change, to infrastructure to the problems that workers are dealing with, which is their wages are too low, and half the country can’t afford their basic necessities,” he said, running down essentially the same list of problems every candidate has brought up both this cycle and in previous presidential years.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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