NYT Criticized for ‘Confusingly Sympathetic’ Dershowitz Interview Over McCarthyism at Martha’s Vineyard

Alan Dershowitz being shunned at Martha’s Vineyard has reached the pages of the New York Times. Again.

The Times today ran an interview reporter Jeremy Peters did with Dershowitz, in which Dershowitz continued to air his grievances:

Today the passions are so strong that if I do anything that is perceived as helping Donald Trump, I am an evil conspirator. I go back to the 1950s, when I was one of the few people at Brooklyn College standing up and defending the right of communists to speak and to teach. I hated communism. They would say, “You can’t defend communists. They wouldn’t defend your rights. They would take away your civil liberties.”

At one point he said he’s “enjoying” this and considers it a “red badge of courage.”

Some of the Twitter conversation around it today was over, well, why the Times even bothered to keep this going:

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