Sen. Judiciary Committee Spox: Dems Have ‘Refused to Participate’ in Their Kavanaugh Investigation


A spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee appeared on Fox News to explain the efforts that have been made to get Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to testify at Monday’s scheduled hearing.

Garrett Ventry began by telling Fox News anchor Shannon Bream that they’ve reached out to Ford’s attorney numerous times via voice messages and emails “in an attempt to find a comfortable setting” for Ford to share her allegations.

“We’ve offered an opportunity to a public hearing, a private hearing, to meet with staff,” Ventry said. “We’ve even offered to fly anywhere around the globe to meet with her. We would go to California to send staff there so that we could do this in a comfortable setting for her as the chairman has said.”

Ventry rebuked Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and her call for the FBI to launch its own investigation into the allegation since she “sat on this information for about six weeks,” adding that the committee has launched its own investigation and have started “route background calls” with Ford and Kavanaugh, something Democratic staffers on the committee have “refused to participate.”

“Are you saying that the Democrats are not engaging in the investigation at this point or not joining in what you are doing? What’s your assessment?” Bream asked.

“They have not participated in this,” Ventry responded. “Like I said, Chairman Grassley has led a very transparent process thus far. As soon as he heard about these allegations Sunday, he moved to set up these background calls so he could start this investigation. The committee and the Senate has a constitutional duty to look at these nominees that the president nominates and see whether or not they are qualified and fit. The FBI has already stated in a statement that they have closed this part of the investigation. Now the Senate is moving swiftly under Chairman Grassley to investigate these allegations. And we really would like to give Dr. Ford the opportunity to share these allegations with the committee and Judge Kavanaugh an opportunity to clear his name.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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