Teen Who Climbed World Trade Center Apologizes on Twitter

A few days after slipping through a surprisingly porous security system to climb to the spire of the World Trade Center, sixteen-year-old Justin Casquejo apologized on Twitter, the same platform on which he first planted his virtual flag.

This is, obviously, a considerably more crafted and less Whitman-esque tweet than the one he sent while atop the tower:

Casquejo made it past a security system under the purview of the Port Authority, the NYPD, and at least two private security contractors last Tuesday, hitched a ride to the 88th floor despite not having identification, and climbed past a snoozing security guard to the 104th floor, where he hung out until caught by a construction worker. The elevator monitor has since been reassigned, the guard has been fired, and the security system is being reassessed.

[h/t ABC News]

[Image via Christopher Penler /]

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