comScore YouTube Star Shane Dawson Trending for All The Wrong Reasons: 'I Didn't F*ck My Cat'

YouTube Star Shane Dawson Trending for All The Wrong Reasons: ‘I Didn’t F*ck My Cat’

YouTube star Shane Dawson has had a rough 16 hours since Sunday evening when someone found a clip from his podcast from 2015 making a joke about having sexual relations with his cat. Dawson, known for his dark humor and “shock-style comedy,” often makes jokes that aren’t to be taken seriously. It seems the current social climate, however, is too stiff-minded for that.

After a clip of Dawson claiming to “come” on his cat went viral, the YouTube star was crucified by social media and online media outlets for purported animal abuse. Dawson had ended his cat joke by saying he would “never d[o] anything like that” to his cat, but the outrage mob didn’t seem to care. He vehemently apologized hours later.

“i didnt f*ck my cat. i didnt put my d*ck anywhere my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible,” he tweeted, following up with a chain of explanations and sincere-sounding apologies about his joke.

The podcaster said his segment about having sexual relations with his cat was based on a joke he’d thought of years earlier, before realizing it was a bad idea. It came up in the podcast when he was trying to elicit shocks and laughter, but he seemed to have immediately regretted saying it.

“its embarrassing and i f*cking hate myself for it,” he tweeted.

Dawson’s friend and YouTube star Garrett Watts came to his rescue early Monday morning, calling him “thoughtful, kind hearted,” and “empathetic,” and asked Dawson’s podcast fans for forgiveness.

“Shane is one of the most thoughtful, kind hearted empathetic guys I know,” said Watts, who described the possibility of Dawson causing harm to another creature as “implausible as turning your arms into laser-blasting-diamond cannons.” Watts asked Dawson’s fans to forgive him and focus on the real evils in the world, instead of a “good man who made bad jokes years ago.”

Dawson, grateful, shared Watts’ statement with a heart emoji.

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