Photographer Sued for $1.1 Million over Topless Empire State Building Shoot

I can’t top New York Daily News’ lede, so I’m just gonna quote it: “He better come up with his breast defense.”

Photographer Allen Henson is being sued by the Empire State Building’s management for an August photo shoot in which he snapped pictures of a topless woman on the observatory deck.

The management company said the unauthorized photo shoot caused “damage to its business and reputation as a safe and secure family friendly tourist attraction,” and noted that families were present during the shoot.

“Breasts are dangerous?” Henson responded. “I’ll take the publicity but it’s hard to take this seriously.”

Henson has set up multiple photo shoots involving topless women in restaurants and the like, part of what he called a “social experiment” after learning NYPD officers had been instructed not to enforce public nudity laws for topless women. Henson denies that the project goes by the nickname “Boobs Around Town.”

View the photos below, via Allen Henson. Warning, adult material, etc.:

[h/t NYDN]

[Image via Allen Henson / NYDN]

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