Jon Stewart & Co. Slam Obamacare ‘Incompetence,’ ‘F*cking Nuts’ Republicans

Jon Stewart took on the Obamacare fight Monday night and the “totally necessary, non-asinine, both-parties-are-equally-responsible-for government shutdown.” And while he did go after “fucking nuts” Republicans, Stewart did have some choice words for the White House for all the bugs on the Obamacare website, even after three years of working on it.

Stewart brought up the “galaxy-destroying force known as Obamacare” and how despite the supposed tech-savviness of the Obama administration, the website isn’t exactly working well.

The Republicans didn’t give him much hope either, accusing Democrats of fear tactics on the default when they basically did the same thing on Obamacare.

Stewart then brought up Samantha Bee representing Team Incompetence (the White House) and Jason Jones on Team Nihilism (the Republicans). Bee behaved about as buggy and ill-prepared for questions as the Obamacare website, while Jones had only one solution for the health care crisis: “Fuck it!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

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