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Chris Ruddy Waffles on Whether Trump Eats Cheeseburgers in Bed at 6:30 P.M.

Papa John’s Founder ‘Papa’ John Schnatter Steps Down as CEO After Blasting NFL’s Handling of Protests

Texas Restaurateur Tears Into Don Jr. After Photo Ridiculing Obama Goes Viral: ‘Betrayed and Sad’

CNN Contributor Calls Out College Student for Anti-Semitism Over…Bacon Suit

Twitter Slams Mario Batali For Including Cinnamon Roll Recipe in His Apology Letter to Fans

Chef Jamie Oliver: If Forced to Cook for Trump, I’d Make His ‘A**hole ‘Loose’

Foodie Twitter Erupts Over News of Arby’s Acquiring Buffalo Wild Wings: ‘Diarrhea Deal of the Century’

After Rose Scandal, 60 Minutes Producer Accuses CBS of Turning ‘Blind Eye’ to Harassment

Papa John’s Pleads For Nazis to Not Buy Their Pizza After Daily Stormer Endorsement

Watch Shaq Spectacularly Crash and Burn on the Hot Chip Challenge

Twitter Ridicules Fox & Friends Cheeseburger Emoji Coverage After Manafort News

Compensating? Apparently Trump Needed Bigger Salt and Pepper Shakers Than Everyone Else at WH Lunch

Piglets Rescued from Barn Fire Later Served as Sausage to Fire Fighters Who Saved Them?!

New RNC Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany Has Shocking Opinions About Pizza

Twitter Blasts Mogul Who Says Millennials Can’t Afford Houses Because They’re Buying Avocado Toast

That Tweet About Chicken Nuggets Just Broke Ellen DeGeneres’s Record

A Sandwich Shop Posted a Sign That Said ‘Liam Neeson Eats Here For Free,’ and Guess Who Showed Up?

The View Knows How Trump Can Pay for the Wall: Cover It With Sponsored Ads for Breitbart!

Jimmy Kimmel Wants You to Try the ‘F**k-It-Ccino,’ an Alternative to the Unicorn Frappuccino

‘If You Love Us as Baristas, Don’t Order It!’: Starbucks Barista Has a Meltdown Over Unicorn Frappuccino

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