WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Talk Like Trump’ With Audience Members

NBC Tonight Show hose Jimmy Fallon invited his audience members to play the game show “Talk Like Trump,” where “contestants” were asked to predict how President Donald Trump will mispronounce a common word or phrase from archived clips of his speeches.

Up first was the word “Nascar,” the name of the stock car racing league. But Fallon’s first rhetorical Trump stand-in, whose guess was “Mascar,” got it wrong. The president instead pronounced it as “Nascare.”

Next was “factory,” which the contestant predicted would come out of Trump’s mouth as a garbled, stuttering “fat-fat-fat-fatcry.” Again, the president’s real-life version eluded prediction. When Trump misspoke, he inserted an “r” to make it “fractory.”

Fallon’s final contestant was given “natural gas,” which he guessed would get converted into a series of guttural grunts by the president that sounded like “nurture girls.” No luck. In this case, Trump skipped the “r” altogether and said “national gas.”

While Fallon’s bit poking fun at the president’s occasional linguistic failures was in good fun, it comes amid a charged atmosphere where Democrats and Republicans have targeted the speech of leaders from the opposite party for both ridicule and to imply questions about their fitness to serve.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) questioned the president’s “well being” and called for an “intervention” by his family after he conducted an angry, rambling press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Wednesday.

The following day, the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tweeted — and then later deleted — a fake video of Pelosi being spread by fringe right-wing sites. It purported to show Pelosi slurring her speech and appearing at public events while drunk. In fact, someone had both slowed down the speed and altered her voice on the recording.

Then, Trump himself tweeted out a link to a Fox Business Network video from Lou Dobbs Tonight that looped Pelosi speaking a phrase four times in an effort to embarrass her.

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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