Bernie Sanders Gets Shouted Down While Trying to Explain How He Will Appeal to Black Women


Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whiffed badly when asked how he will appeal to black women in the race, and the audience let him hear it.

At the She the People forum in Houston Wednesday afternoon, moderators Aimee Allison and Joy Reid welcomed Sanders to the stage, and after several other questions, Reid asked Sanders how he plans to win over supporters of Hillary Clinton.

“In order to consolidate the nomination, you have to win over Hillary Clinton voters,” Reid said, and asked “What are you doing to try to win over those voters, which includes a substantial share of the women of color, of the black women who voted in 2016?”

“Good question, let me answer it in a couple of ways,” Sanders said, and began with a crowd-pleasing chunk about defeating “the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.”

“And to your point, the Democratic party has got to be united,” Sanders continued, and said he hopes “my fellow candidates” will “support me if I win.”

“But my pledge to you is if I do not win, I will do everything that I can to make sure that that Democratic candidate becomes the next president of the United States,” Sanders said.

“This is no time for petty divisiveness, this is a time to stand together in the fight, not only to defeat Trump and his racism and his sexism and his homophobia, this is a time for the American people to come together in the fight for economic Justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental Justice, and that is what this campaign is about,” Sanders concluded.

“Yeah,” Reid said. “And for black women specifically?”

“I’m sorry?” Sanders asked.

“For black women specifically,” Reid repeated.

To shouts from the audience, Sanders said “Black women will be an integral part of what our campaign, and what are administration is about. Okay?”

“And that means…” Sanders began as the shouting continued, but then he trailed off.

“Were you finished with your..?” She the People founder Amy Allison asked.

“Yeah, go ahead, yeah,” Sanders said.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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