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Chris Hayes Goes OFF on Wisconsin GOP for Forcing Election Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘Situation Today Is an Absolute Disaster’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called out the Wisconsin Republican Party in his show’s opening monologue, condemning it for forcing the state to undergo an election in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic in order to lower voter turnout and help elect a conservative state supreme court judge.

On his Tuesday night show, Hayes began by showing images of massively long voting lines in Milwaukee, the result of social distancing and widespread closures of polling stations due to the virus, which has resulted in just five voting locations begin open in the city instead of the normal 180.

This is the image that sums up today. A dystopian vision of an election amidst a pandemic,” Hayes commented. “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel capturing this shot, a line of voters stretching down the block, all wearing masks, trying to physically distancing. One of them holding a sign reading ‘This is ridiculous.’ They were in the line to vote in among other things the Wisconsin presidential primary. But that’s not really what today was all about. For the state’s Republican party, the vote today was over a contested election for the state’s supreme court. The situation today is an absolute disaster. As a public health crisis and also as an indicator of the health of our democracy.”

Essentially, the Wisconsin Republican party decided that any deaths that might occur from this enterprise, this ridiculous enterprise, from holding an election in the middle of a pandemic will have been worth it,” Hayes continued. “Everyone you see here was exposed to unnecessary risk. That’s just the basic fact, inescapable. Forced to the polls because state Republicans thought that a low turnout election amid a pandemic would be to their political advantage.”

The MSNBC host then specifically pointed to the stark hypocrisy symbolized by GOP Wisconsin Assembly Leader Robin Vos, who earlier on Tuesday tried to assure his state’s citizens that it was safe to vote…all while wearing head-to-toe personal protective equipment during a media interview.

“You are so safe to go out, he says, decked out from head to toe, properly in personal protective gear. Something by the way health care workers are begging for. But nothing to worry about, Wisconsin voters. Take it from me in this mask and gown, all safe here,” Hayes offered, his comments dripping in sarcasm. “This election has been on the calendar for some time. After initially supporting holding the election today, the Wisconsin Democratic governor last week finally called for a delay, due to the, you know, gestures widely toward everything, the pandemic. He called the Republican-led state legislature in for a special session to get them to approve of this obviously reasonable move. What happened is that the Wisconsin Republicans in both chambers convened the session, adjourned in under a minute without taking action.”

“Making those people in that line in Milwaukee vote in the midst of a pandemic is a means for them to get more power,” Hayes concluded. “Unless something changes, and we get a crash program to make voting universally accessible in this country, we could be staring into the future of what our national election could look like in the fall and Republicans seem more than happy for that to be the case.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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