CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Trump Rally: Democrats Right Now Aren’t Able to Pack a Stadium Like He Can


CNN’s Chris Cuomo opened Tuesday night with Senator Amy Klobuchar, but his first question was related to President Donald Trump‘s big rally.

“One simple question,” he asked, “why don’t the Democrats pack stadiums the way this president does?”

“Oh, but we do,” Klobuchar responded. “We have a lot of stadiums we’re packing at the same time with so many people running. I think you’ve seen our candidates throughout the years generate that energy and you certainly saw it in 2018… I am not one bit worried about the excitement on our side.”

Right after the interview with Klobuchar, Cuomo said he would “actually differ with the senator, I don’t think Democrats are packing any place the way he is.”

“Size does matter,” Cuomo added. “But we have to look at what matters about the size.”

In the next segment, Cuomo said clearly the size of Trump’s audience is “bigger than what Democrats are getting so far.”

He went on to ask, “Is the size of the rally suggestive of the 60 million plus votes needed to win the next presidential election? Maybe not. But it has to mean something that as Democrats are playing these little clubs in Iowa and New Hampshire, Donald Trump is playing arenas.”

“Yes, this is a sitting president and the Democratic field is largely lesser-knowns,” Cuomo continued, “but people were lined up for more than a day in the Florida heat for this rally tonight. We need to see the disconnect between a rally like tonight and reality. This is the only modern president to never see his popularity hit 50 percent and yet he has the biggest crowds at his events. He’s held almost 60 of these rallies since he took office and it might seem like the only thing he’s done more than these rallies is tweet or play golf.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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